English department organized a creative writing workshop at Dhaka Imperial College on September 26, 2019. Almost 100 students participated in the workshop, conducted by Mr. Shihab Saqib and Mrs. Dravida Anjuman Huda, faculty members of the department, and thoroughly supervised by Mrs. Shaila Ahmed, coordinator of The Seminar, Workshop, and Outreach sub-committee, and Mr. Asif Kamal, Associate Professor in English and a committee member. The workshop commenced with an inaugural speech by the hon’ble principal of the college, Mr. Arif Ahmed. In the two-hour long workshop, the students were encouraged to ignite their imaginative faculty and eventually articulate their thoughts in writing. The students demonstrated outstanding enthusiasm and spontaneity while going through the engaging tasks, for example, writing a story based on a picture, as provided by the resource persons. The workshop ended successfully with a certificate giving-ceremony, and a promise of taking similar initiatives in future.1. DSC_3869 2. DSC_3853 3. DSC_3858 4. IMG_20190926_132930 5. DSC_3857 6. IMG_20190926_120241 7. IMG_20190926_123551 DSC_3859